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See the Light

Once you try your new Ionic ProClean toothbrush, you'll never go back to an ordinary brushing routine.

All you need to do is to make sure your toothbrush gets wet before you get started. Just wet the handle under running water, then place a finger or palm on the silver activator strip. Put on your favorite toothpaste and start brushing.

When you see the light come on, you'll know it's working!

The Ionic polarization technology is actually loosening the plaque from the surface of your teeth so that you can gently brush plaque away.

Plaque Has Met Its Match!
How Ionics work to clean your teeth

See The Light

Ionic ProClean Science

The Ionic ProClean toothbrush utilizes the science of polarity and the power of negative ions to take on plaque and clean the teeth and gums. Plaque (a bacterial biofilm) has a negative charge and tooth enamel has a negative charge — in nature they should not attract. However, calcium ions with a positive charge in the plaque and saliva mixture (along with van der Waals attractive forces) allow the plaque to adhere to the teeth. The Ionic ProClean toothbrush generates millions of negative ions into the mixture of the plaque, saliva, and toothpaste, polarizes the fluid, and disrupts plaque by reducing the positive calcium ions. The human body plays an integral role in powering the Ionic ProClean toothbrush. As you brush, you will See the Light™ on the handle shine to confirm that the energy loop is complete and the ions are flowing.

After rinsing, you will feel a new, smooth clean across your teeth, like you've just been to the dentist.

When finished, rinse your brush and store in a dry place.

Dentists recommend replacing your Ionic ProClean every 3 months.


I can't think how many anti-plaque gizmos and gadgets I've bought over the years, and have tried every brand of toothbrush, all sorts of fiddly flossers and half a dozen different toothpastes. But none of them really seemed to do the job. But in the past few days my wife and I have switched to Ionic ProClean.. OK, I was a little skeptical of those claims about positive and negative charges and stuff, but after the very first brushing it was obvious that this is hugely more effective than all of those old-fashioned methods. It really, really works!"
- JB, New York City